These are Fender Bass Guitar images wall art photographs. This bass guitar is named by the owner David Stanley “Old 69”. It is a 1966 Jazz Bass body with a 1962 Precision neck. The Body serial number is 102787. These fine art photographs are authorized prints by the artist Mac K. Miller, III. These wall art pictures you can buy online for a fraction what it would cost you in a brick and mortar gallery.

These bass guitar pictures fine art photographs, according to Mr. Stanley (David), are of an instrument that has been used in performance on more important shows and commercials than all his other instruments combined.

David tells a story about a “so called” friend borrowing the instrument when it was new. Then carving a big “69” on the back of the instrument without Dave’s knowledge or permission. Of course, he was very unhappy. The bass has been referred to as “Old 69” until this day.

Thank you for your interest in my work. A piece of the artist goes with each work that they produce. I am so glad that you took the time to view my work, and I thank you for your patronage.

I want you to be absolutely completely happy with images purchased from me. Contact M K Miller III at or call 903-593-3195 for booking in the Tyler, Texas area. M K Miller III is a "Certified Professional Photographer" specializing in PORTRAITS and FINE ART IMAGES. Click Here to send email.

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