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Every time I capture a red rose picture I think of my Dad. My dad was in the pottery business and provided flower pots to professional growers all over the state of Texas. So, he had a special interest in flowers. He loved to give roses to my mother and other family members. I’m not sure it is appropriate here, but I always think of him when make the wall art from growing flowers. These modern wall art red rose images you can live with and last a lifetime. These red rose pictures can be on your home or office as wall art delivered to you canvas wall art or metal wall art. It is the perfect wall art décor for kitchen wall art or bedroom wall art.

Remember, you have a complete 100% money back guarantee on prints purchased from my site. If you are unhappy with your print, you have 30 days to return it to me for a full refund. I absolutely want you to be completely happy with images purchased from me.

Contact M K Miller III or call 903-593-3195 for booking in the Tyler, Texas area.  M K Miller III is a "Certified Professional Photographer" specializing in portraits, Fine Art, and modeling portfolios.   Click Here to send email.

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